The Anderson Companies are built on integrity, respect for fellow man, and trust from those who we serve.  Working together, we are guided by:

  • Remembering that we were built on an entrepreneurial spirit.
    Our founder, Ken Anderson said we should always foster new ideas and work relentlessly to provide exceptional quality and forward-looking products and services to our clients.
  • Do what is right.
    Always treat people the right way.
  • Help each other.
    No matter what, help each other.
  • Invest in yourself and each other.
    Never miss the opportunity to grow yourself and those around you.
  • Take care of the community.
    Taking care of those around you can not only strengthen yourself but those around you as well.
  • Going beyond what it takes.
    Not only is this our mantra, but this is also our key to life.  Never stop at mediocre.