A Message from Our President and Chief Executive Officer

The end of 2020, four words we never imagined that we would ever be able to say, is now within reach of everyone.  This year is finally coming to an end.  2020 will go down in history as one of the most tumultuous years in modern history and will be looked at in history books for generations to come as a test of faith, endurability, and mental stability.

In my own words, 2020 was a reinforcement of the values that we cherish here at The Anderson Companies.  As soon as the pandemic began, we were looking at ways to help our team members, their families as well as our customers and their families.  Through The Anderson Initiative, we donated sanitizing kits to public schools, places of worship, and other organizations.  We spent countless hours migrating people to remote working and donated to various organizations providing food and necessities to families in need.

Also in 2020, we learned that although we have come a long way, social justice and reform is still a major piece of our communities and that communities of color, as well as others, are coming together to fight the racial injustices that plague our country and as a minority-lead, majority African American company, we are using our resources to help the organizations who are working to make our country better.

We even had feats of our own this year.  We created a new construction business and our in-home IT services business, At Home by Benchmark, has taken our businesses to new heights.

In the end, the light at the end of the tunnel is within reach, but it is going to take great efforts from our company, our government, our customers and everyone else around us to get us there.  If I can implore you to do anything, please, shop at a local business, support your local restaurants, support your family and friends businesses and please continue to do this while staying safe.  The Anderson Companies is here to help you and we look forward to seeing each and everyone in 2021.

Remember, at The Anderson Companies – The BEST is coming and we are going beyond what it takes.

– Ken